“Discover How to get your Wife to want to have more Sex… and make Your Relationship Sexually Fulfilling Once More…”

Even if you think you’ve tried everything before

By Dean Mason and Kate Dixon, – “The Sexless Marriage & Relationship Authors”

Why are some couples always passionate, enjoy steaming sex on a regular basis, and are always happy, while your wife doesn’t seem to be really interested in having sex with you?

Here are some things you may not know about sexless relationships:

  • There are many reasons why women stop wanting sex. Unless you discover the reason, you will never find the solution.
  • Just because your wife stopped having sex with you doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you anymore.
  • Many couples have great sex well into their 50′s and 60′s, so age is no excuse for letting your marriage become sexless.
  • If your wife doesn’t seem interested in having sex with you, it doesn’t mean that she’s having an affair.
  • Sexless relationships are a symptom of deep and serious problems between you and your wife.
  • Sexless marriages often end up in divorce or separation.
  • Sexless relationships do not have to mean No Sex at all. They can also mean that you’re having too little of it.
  • You can get the sex back into your relationship if you just make up your mind to do so

Dear frustrated friend,

Let us guess, you’ve already wrecked your brain trying to come up with a solution for this problem. You’ve talked to your wife only to have her shut you out or provide you with no answer whatsoever. You must be feeling confused, rejected, and perhaps even a bit scared that this is happening to you.

If you’re living in a sexless marriage know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! In fact, it is estimated that there are tens of millions of couples all over the world in which the woman suddenly loses her interest in having sex with her husband. In fact, it’s a widespread phenomenon in our society.

During our research into the subject of sexless marriages and relationships we discovered one simple fact: The reason why this happens to men is that they simply don’t understand the female sexual and relationship mind.

The good news is that you have it within you to reinvigorate the romance in your relationship, get your wife to desire you badly and want to have sex with you as much as you like. In fact, once you know what to do, you can do it easily.

As you continue reading this article without skipping a single word, you’ll see how to use your power of insight and inherent sensitivity (even if you didn’t know it was there) to get your marriage back in the right direction before it becomes ruined beyond repair, and enjoy awesome sex with the woman you love.

After doing extensive research of sexless marriages and relationships, reading reference articles, research material, and studying the work of experts in the field, we have discovered the one true way to save a sexless marriage from the brink of disaster and divorce, and reintroduce regular, enjoyable sex into it.

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What is this method and that we’ve created?

Let’s start by saying what this method isn’t. Our method to fix sexless marriages doesn’t require you to spend months on some analyst’s couch talking about your childhood and watching them nod their head sleepily. It doesn’t require you to play silly couple’s game at some self-proclaimed marriage counselor. Believe me, there are a lot better things you can do then practice falling backwards into your wife’s arms, have her catch you, and being led to believe you’ve just accomplished a major breakthrough. Come on, you know better than that.

Our method revolves around a single person: YOU

If you don’t have the power to solve your sexless marriage then who does? Don’t worry, this is something that you can do if you just put your mind to it and are willing to make an effort. You may be skeptical right now. You may feel rejected, hurt, disappointed, robbed, and confused. But just the fact that you’re reading this article all the way through is a sign that you’re ready to begin a true process to get the sex back into your marriage.

Here’s what our method can do for you:

  • Discover why you wife lost her interest in sex – and it’s not what you think.
  • Find an easy way to communicate with your wife without having her shut down or avoid the subject
  • Ignite an internal process in your relationship that will make her madly attracted to you like she was in the past or even more
  • Learn how to get you wife involved in the healing process without her even knowing it.
  • Discover simple steps which can increase the romance in your marriage.
  • Make your relationship stronger than it was before.
  • Eliminate the confusion and fear that the lack of sex makes you feel.
  • Help you make sure this never happens to you two again.

When you use this method in your relationship you’ll discover how to get your wife to want to have sex with you as often as you like.

Why do Sexless Marriages happen?

There are many reasons why women stop wanting to have sex with their husband. But all of these causes have one fundamental thing in common: in all of them the lack of sex is merely a symptom of a much deeper problem between a man and his woman.

Sexless marriages don’t spring out of thin air. They evolve over time when things start to go sour within a relationship. If you’re careful, you can stop it from happening in the first place. If it’s already happening, you can turn back the clock, but only if you dig deep within your relationship and discover the true reasons why this is happening to you.

There are a number of books on sexless marriages, most of them filled with psychological “mumbo-jumbo” and academic lingo that may look good on paper but doesn’t work in real life. Most of these books should have never left the dusty shelves of some deserted University library.

What’s even worse is that these books deal with sexless marriages in which the husband or the wife lose their interest. That’s ridiculous. It’s like saying that men and women are the same when it comes to romance and sex when it’s obvious that men and women are totally different. In trying to appeal to both sexes they miss the point and help neither.

Why is our method different?

The moment we realized this, we knew that we had to share our method of fixing sexless marriages because it’s the only method which was created specifically for men.

Our method is perfect for you if your wife or long term girlfriend has stopped wanting to have sex with you and you’re not willing to spend the rest of your life without having sex ever again.

To keep things simple, we wrote down our step-by-step method and turned it into a 122 pages ebook titled Get Her In The Mood… Make Your Woman Want You More.

This is the only book on sexless marriage which was written by a man and a woman and is intended for men only. When you read this ebook, you’ll see exactly why your relationship got to this dismal point and how you can pull it right out of the hole.

sexless marriage book


Here are just some of the amazing secrets you will learn from Get Her In The Mood – Make Your Woman Want You More:

  • What is the one thing you must avoid if you’re to have any hope of fixing your sexless marriage (page 81).
  • How to identify what caused your marriage to get to this low point (page 15).
  • How to rekindle the passion between you and your wife (page 60).
  • How day-to-day life may demolish your wife’s sex drive and what you can do about it (page 19).
  • How to make your relationship exciting again, inside the bedroom and out (page 70).
  • Discover how to start the process which will solve your sexless marriage and help the two of you be happy again (page 12).
  • See what you can begin doing today to make you and your wife feel much closer to one another (pages 15-30).
  • What is this common misconception about the causes of sexless marriages and why it is dead wrong (page 11).
  • How to think “outside the box” and come up with new ideas which will keep your relationship exciting and fresh (page 74).
  • How to make sure that once you’ve healed your relationship it will never plummet again (page 109).
  • How to make your woman feel desireable again. Believe me, this is something you dare not miss out on (page 61).
  • Which topics of conversation may be killing your quality time together, not too mention any sex drive (page 98).
  • How to “turn on the steam” in your bedroom so that once you get the sex back, it’ll be as exciting as possible (page 76)

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Use these tips to break any tension between you and your lady. None of these tips require any special effort, but the thought behind them is what counts. Your woman will appreciate them.

101 romantic ideas

I want to make sure you have all you can possibly need in order to get the sex back into your relationship and make it stronger and happier than it is today. When you take advantage of our offer and get our e-book and bonus, you’ll be on the fast track to getting the sex and intimacy back into your marriage or relationship.

So How Much is All This Worth to You?

If you’re in a long term commitment, what is the value you place on your relationship? How important is it to you to keep your woman by your side? How happier you will be once you and your woman go back to having sizzling sex again?

If you’re married, how important is it for you to prevent your sexless marriage from ending in divorce? How much value do you place on the happiness of your family? How incredible would it be to have things back to the way they used to be, with you and your wife enjoying the happiness and satisfaction of an active sex life once more?

What is the value of eliminating your fear of the future, your confusion, and feelings of rejection — Of having the power to turn your relationship into a happy, loving, fulfilling, and stable one just like it used to be?

What is the price you put on being able to save your relationship and getting the sex back into it?

$5,000, $2,500, $1,000?

What if I told you that you won’t need to pay $1,000 or $500, nor a $100, or even $50?

Yes! It’s true. You can start turning your life around with Get Her In The Mood… Make Your Woman To Want You More, for only…


That’s less than 2 tickets to the movies with popcorn, not to mention the sodas.

I know this may seem a very low price to you, especially when you know how much a marriage counselor will charge you: anywhere between $60 to $300. And that’s for each session.  Any good counselor will likely charge $150 per session  or more. For one session a week for 4 months (and it can easily take longer), that amounts to $2,400!

If you take into account how much divorce lawyers charge, or how expensive it can prove to be to have to live alone and pay all the bills yourself  – if you don’t act today to change things -  then a $39.95  investment in your happiness and the well-being of your relationship really doesn’t seem all that expensive.

The reason the price is so low is that we wrote this e-book in the hope that it’ll reach the hands of as many men as possible whose wives hardly ever have sex with them anymore or not at all. We know that many men can’t afford to pay much more. And we want the most guys to have it.

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If you’re not 100% satisfied within 60 Days, we’ll refund your entire purchase. No Questions Asked.

money back guarantee image

The reason why we’re offering this guarantee is that we’re confident that once you give our e-book a try, your marriage will improve and you’ll be on the way to get the sex back into your relationship. We only ask that when you get the e-book , that you read it through with an open mind, and allow the things we teach sufficient time to really influence your relationship.


get her in the mood




P.S. Remember that your sexless relationship won’t cure on its own. You need to take steps to get it out of the rut and get the sex back between you and your woman.  Get the knowledge you need to make it happen today.

P.P.S. Don’t forget, you’re getting a bonus e-book with your purchase, and if you order  today, you’ll also get 30 days of Free email consultation. All of this is intended to help you get your woman’s sex drive levels high, and to get her to want to have sex with you again. And you will get all of this for a small investment of $39.95.

P.P.P.S. Our ebook and bonus ebook are available for immediate download. All the ebooks are in pdf format. If you have a fast internet connection, the download usually takes less than a minute. Most computers (PC or Mac) are already able to open pdf files. However, you can also download a pdf reader (for Free) at this web address:  http://get.adobe.com/reader/  – Go ahead and  download Get Her In The Mood now.

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