10 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

husband caught cheating with another woman

One of the possible causes of a sexless marriage is adultery. Having an affair can make your spouse desire you less. Before you blame yourself for the fact that your marriage has lost its passion, read the following 10 signs of a cheating spouse. These are not conclusive as each case is different. However, if you want to catch a cheating spouse, they do provide a good starting point. For a complete method visit Catch A Cheater (aff link).

How To Catch A Cheater

1. You have a bad feeling that your spouse is cheating. No one knows your spouse better than you. Trust your instincts. If you feel that something is wrong, if you feel that there’s a good chance that your spouse is having an affair, then you own it to yourself to find out for sure.

2. Working over time – If your spouse is spending more time at the office, has late night meetings with clients, or is suddenly making a lot of business trips then they’re maybe using these excuses to find time to cheat on you.

3. If you get many harassing calls to your home – If you get a lot of calls to your home which as soon as you pick up and say ‘hello’ the caller hangs up, it may be a sign that someone is looking for your spouse and doesn’t want to talk with you.

4. Your mate’s grooming habits have suddenly become more meticulous – If you see that your spouse has suddenly begun to workout more, wear better clothes, put on cologne or perfume, and takes much better care of his or her appearance, then there’s a chance that they’re doing it for someone new.

5. Spending more time on the computer – The internet has become an easy avenue through which people can find someone to teach with and/or to communicate with anyone confidentially. If your spouse is spending more time on the computer, then he/she may be using it to contact his affair partner. See the 6th sign for additional signs.

6. Your spouse is very secretive with his internet information such as e-mail passwords – If your spouse has more than one email account and is secretive about it. If your spouse changes the website they’re on as soon as you enter a room, if you see them erasing the surfing history on their computer, it is a sign they’re hiding something.

7. A lot of text messages – SMS messages are a secretive form of communication. If your spouse gets a lot of messages, erases them as soon as they’re read, and jumps up to get to the phone as soon as it beeps with a new message, you may have something to worry about.

8. Hides the phone – If your spouse is hiding their phone, erasing calls, not letting your see their phone bill, or gets nervous when you pick up their phone, you may have something to worry about.

9. It’s hard to get in touch with your spouse at times. If you find it difficult to contact your spouse at times, it may be that he or she are intentionally screening your calls because they don’t want to be disturbed when they’re cheating. Of course, I’m not talking about a single time but about a repetitive routine.

10. Little or no sex in your marriage. As I wrote in the beginning of this article, one of the possible causes of a sexless marriage is adultery. Sex is a need and if its fulfilled outside the marriage, there’s a good chance that your spouse will no longer feel as much of a desire for you.

I don’t want you to grow alarmed. None of these signs definitely means that your spouse is cheating. However, if you encounter these signs, you need to make sure. So, keep your eyes open. If you want a more detailed program to know for sure, visit Catch A Cheater (aff link).

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